Tuesday, March 03, 2015

FBI Claim It Had Video Of Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Placing Bomb Untrue

When FBI Special Agent In Charge Richard DesLauriers stood before cameras at a live nationally- broadcasted press conference and announced the FBI had narrowed its search to just two individuals the law enforcement agency suspected of planting the two "bombs" detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, he made a very incriminating statement regarding the evidence against Suspect No. 2, the unarmed man later arrested during a one-sided shootout by police who is now standing trial in a Boston federal court room for the terrorist act after surviving near fatal wounds inflicted upon him during his capture. Agent DesLauriers specifically claimed the video evidence obtained by the FBI showed Dzhokhar Tsarnaev setting down a backpack near the site of the second explosion.
Today, we are enlisting the public's help in identifying the two suspects. After a very detailed analysis of photo, video and other evidence, we are releasing photos of these two suspects. They are identified as Suspect 1 and Suspect 2. They appear to be associated. Suspect 1 is wearing a dark hat. Suspect 2 is wearing a white hat. Suspect 2 set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the Forum restaurant . . . We have photos of the suspects. The photos and videos are posted for the public and media to use, review and publicize. For clarity, these images should be the only ones, and I emphasize the only ones, the public should view to assist us. Other photos should not be deemed credible, and they unnecessarily divert the public's attention in the wrong direction and create undo work for vital law enforcement resources . For more than 100 years the FBI has relied upon the public to be its eyes and its ears. With the media's help, in an instant these images will be delivered into the hands of millions around the world. we know the public will play a critical role . . . someone out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members of the suspect . .. the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us . . . 
As opening statements begin in Tsarnaev's trial in Boston tomorrow, we learn for the first time that Agent DeLauriers' claim that Tsarnaev was captured on camera placing a backpack at the site of the second explosion was not true. No such video ever existed. Agent DesLauriers will not be testifying at Tsarnaev's trial, but the prosecution planned to let him testify by playing his live press conference during the accused's trial. During a pre-trial hearing yesterday, Tsarnaev's attorneys argued the press conference should be excluded from evidence because the video footage DesLauriers described at the press conference doesn't really exist. The prosecutors reacted by saying they would edit the press conference video footage to remove DesLauriers untrue statements. Who What Why describes this major late-breaking development that is being ignored by the mainstream media covering the trial:
What do former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, an appeals court justice, several potential members of the Boston Marathon bombing jury and thousands of regular Americans have in common?
They all believe that they’ve seen a video of accused bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev dropping a deadly backpack behind victims at the marathon on April 15, 2013—a video his defense said “does NOT actually exist.”
In a pre-trial hearing yesterday, Tsarnaev defense attorney David Bruck argued that the April 18, 2013, press conference in which former Boston FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers identified the brothers should be excluded from evidence. That, he argued, is because the FBI agent described the video footage that doesn’t really exist, which subsequently was used to convict Tsarnaev in the media.  
U.S. District Judge George A. O’Toole ordered the defense and prosecution to edit the recording of DesLauriers’ press conference in a manner satisfactory to both sides. He reserved the right to rule on the defense’s motion to suppress the entire recording if the two sides can’t agree.
So what else was the FBI lying about? They were lying about plenty. DesLauriers boasted about the quality of the video images they had of the two suspects, both of whose images were contained in government databases because they were recent immigrants to the country. The FBI had at its disposal sophisticated face recognition software that could have easily identified the suspects with the photo images the government had in its vast database from their immigrant files. Instead of using that technology, the FBI enlisted the public's help in identifying them knowing that many family, friends, acquaintances and the victims themselves would recognize their images. Moreover, the government knew their uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, who helped the brothers and their parents emigrate to this country, had a long-standing relationship with the CIA and had been married to the daughter of a former high-ranking CIA officer, Graham Fuller. Why create a public frenzy to find and capture two suspects the FBI should have been able to quickly track down in a discrete fashion without endangering the public by making the suspects desperate like cornered rats?

At the same time the FBI agent lies to the American public about video footage implicating Tsarnaev and his brother, Agent DesLauriers tells the public not to focus on any other suspects, and to help the FBI in identifying only these two suspects. That brings up the next big lie. The FBI already knew who the Tsarnaev brothers were because they had been monitoring them prior to the bombings, had been warned about them by the Russians and had interviewed them on several occasions. The evidence that these two brothers were nothing more than mere patsies in this entirely manufactured terrorist event is overwhelming. Yet Tsarnaev was long ago tried and convicted in the court of public opinion, rendering it next to impossible for him to obtain a fair trial in the Boston courtroom where his trial begins tomorrow. That's to say nothing about the heavy-handed tactics the FBI employed against all friends and associates of the Tsarnaev brothers to ensure nobody would be available to testify in their defense, including his older brother, the supposed mastermind of the bombings who somehow wound up dead after being arrested and taken alive after an alleged shootout with police. The indifference of the media and the American public to the injustice playing out in Boston is quite troubling to say the least.

House Speaker Notified Ethics Committee Of Indy Eleven Conflict After Advance Indiana Reported On Ethics Committee Chairman's Conflict

After Advance Indiana exclusively reported that State Rep. Greg Steuerwald (R-Avon, Chairman of the House Ethics Committee and Assistant Republican Caucus Leader, had been representing Indy Eleven owner Ersal Ozdemir and several of his real estate construction and development companies for several years in contentious litigation with a former business partner being heard in the Hendricks Superior Court, House Speaker Brian Bosma penned a letter to Steuerwald and the ranking minority member of the House ethics committee, State Rep. Clyde Kersey (D-Terre Haute), advising the Ethics Committee of his intent to recuse himself from participating in legislative action on HB 1273.

HB 1273, authored by State Rep. Todd Huston (R-Fishers), provides enabling legislation to allow for the public financing by the Capital Improvement Board of a new $83 million soccer stadium for Ozdemir's Indy Eleven minor league soccer team in downtown Indianapolis. Bosma's letter is dated February 13, 2015, the same day Advance Indiana first reported on Steuerwald's conflict of interest, noting he had supported and voted on soccer stadium legislation passed by the House last year which ultimately died in the Senate. Bosma wrote in his letter:
I am writing to inform you that the Indy Eleven soccer team, which is currently advocating for the passage of HB 1273, is a client of the law firm of Kroger, Gardis & Regis, LLP, where I am a partner. Although I do not believe that I have a direct personal or pecuniary financial interest in HB 1273 under the House Rules, it is in the best interests of the House of Representatives if I do not participate in proceedings regarding the bill. Therefore, I do not intend to preside when the bill is on Second Reading or Third Reading, and I will asked to be excused from voting.
I have carefully considered this course of action and believe it is necessary to safeguard the public's trust in the Indiana House of Representatives. Thank you for your attention to this matter.  
Bosma's February 13 letter did not give the impression he was personally performing the legal work for the Indy Eleven. Yet a report by the Indianapolis Star the same day HB 1273 passed the House by a wide margin without Bosma or Steuerwald's participation, which only mentioned in passing Bosma's first disclosure of his conflict of interest, gave the impression Bosma had been directly involved in that legal work. "He disclosed after the vote that he had done legal work for the Indy Eleven and has remained neutral," the Star reported "That work involved trademarks and contract negotiations." "I don't have an (ownership) interest in it," Bosma said. "Honestly, I'm just trying to set the example for others and felt it was appropriate for me to file a letter (with the House ethics committee) and be excused." State House media reports ignored the fact that Steuerwald had also risen to Second and Third reading of HB 1273 asking to be excused from voting. The presiding officer asked Rep. Steuerwald to put his request in writing before allowing him be excused from voting on HB 1273.

The House Republicans began this year's legislative session announcing tougher ethics rules to help remove the cloud hanging over the legislative body following disclosure of former State Rep. Eric Turner's active lobbying of colleagues during last year's legislative session on legislation that would have negatively impacted his family's nursing home business. A key change in a new ethics code covering House members' conduct requires them not to vote on or sponsor legislation in which they have a personal financial interest, along with not carrying out any public or private advocacy on such issues. "That is a very high standard," Steuerwald said in commenting on the new ethics code. "It began as a judicial standard and has slowly incorporated itself for lawyers and now we have put that standard here for the House members."

UPDATE: It's worth noting that Bosma released his letter to the media only hours before the State House press corp joined state lawmakers and lobbyists they're supposed to be covering for a night of partying at their annual Indiana Gridiron dinner where they put on full display out of the public's view just how incestuously close they've become to the subjects the public relies upon them to report honestly upon.

Petraeus Cops Plea For Sharing Classified Documents With Mistress, Avoids Jail Time

General David Petraeus, former CIA Director and allied commander in Afghanistan, has agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified documents and avoid jail time altogether while serving two years of probation and facing a fine of $40,000. The plea agreement is sweet for the former top spy given the seriousness of his admitted wrongdoing--retaining a black book of top secret documents after leaving his post in Afghanistan and sharing them with his biographer and mistress, Paula Broadwell. This same government wants to lock up NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden in prison for life, or even worse. The Petraeus prosecution seems to have been more about keeping him in his place as opposed to meting out justice for the crimes he committed.

Illinois' Republican Senator Warns Chicago Will Become Detroit If Emanuel Is Not Re-Elected

It's very difficult sometimes to differentiate Republicans from Democrats in Illinois. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Sen. Mark Kirk, a Republican, is warning Chicago voters that Chicago could follow Detroit into bankruptcy unless the city's voters re-elect the Democratic incumbent mayor, Rahm Emanuel, who did everything he could to defeat Kirk and elect his pal, Alexi Giannoulias, in his very narrow 2010 election win. Sen. Kirk told the Sun-Times that Emanuel's opponent, Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, lacked the "gravitas with the bond market" to protect the city from going into bankruptcy.
"Rahm’s re-election is essential to maintaining the value of Chicago’s debt market. We need a strong capable leader… I would worry about the value of the Chicago debt if Rahm was not re-elected…. It’s a concern if we have some of the less responsible people running against him," Kirk said. 
"None of them could command the respect of the bond market. A collapse of Chicago debt, which already happened with Detroit, I think would soon follow if somebody who was really inexperienced and irresponsible replaced Rahm."
A sensitive person might interpret Kirk's comments as a bit racist given that Emanuel is Jewish and Garcia is Hispanic. Emanuel's opponent dismissed Kirk's comments as "partisan politics." In theory, Chicago mayoral candidates run for office in a non-partisan election, although their campaigns are clearly organized along party lines. Chicago is a one-party town where Republicans rarely win election to office. Kirk's comments come as a newly-released poll shows Emanuel in a dead heat with Garcia. The Ogden & Fry poll shows Emanuel leading Garcia by a small margin of 42.9% to 38.5%. The pollster warned that the poll likely under counts Garcia's support, particularly among Hispanic voters.

Clinton Illegally Used Private E-Mail Account As Secretary Of State

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks about her new book "Hard Choices" on Friday, June 20, 2014, in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
News has emerged that Hillary Clinton illegally used a private e-mail account for all of her official correspondence throughout her tenure as President Obama's Secretary of State. Clinton did not even have a government-issued e-mail account according to the New York Times. In response to federal record-keeping requirements, The Times says Clinton's advisers recently turned over about 55,000 pages of private e-mails after reviewing all of her private e-mails to determine which ones got turned over to the government. Officials tell The Times it is unprecedented for a high-level cabinet official to conduct official government business using a private e-mail account, particularly an officials who is communicating matters of national security. Government e-mail accounts are presumed to be more secure than private e-mail accounts.

For people who have followed the Clintons throughout their political careers, the flaunting of laws is nothing new. This comes on the heels of a disclosure that the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments during her tenure as Secretary of State. An ethics agreement the foundation reached with the government prior to her tenure as Secretary of State was supposed to bar it from accepting donations from governments seeking favorable treatment by the State Department. During Bill Clinton's administration, it was learned that Clinton's campaign illegally raised millions of dollars from foreign contributors. Despite clear violations of federal campaign finance laws, the Clinton Justice Department swept the investigations under the rug. As with all Clinton controversies, the latest disclosure will likely be brushed aside as the state-run media pushes us towards the two preordained presidential candidates in 2016--Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Council Sends $18.5 Million Gift To Angie's List Back To Committee

The City-County Council in a surprising twist sent a proposal to provide $18.5 million in public subsidies to allow Angie's List to build a new parking garage and provide for the renovation of the old Ford building after relocating an IPS warehouse from the building back to committee for more vetting. The council earlier delayed a committee vote on this same proposal until after Angie's List reported its 2014 fourth quarter financial results earlier this month, one of the rare occasions the company showed a profit in its two decade history. Are council members getting a bit uneasy about the real benefactors behind this real estate transaction?

UPDATE: The council also approved on a 19-10 vote funding for the controversial pre-K education program pushed so hard by Eli Lilly and the Matt Tully Circle Jerk Club. The $20 million payable over 5 years takes money from the city's reserve fund to fund the program. The opponents always had the stronger argument on this issue. After all, how can you justify spending on a brand new program outside the constitutional and statutory responsibility of municipal government when it's already failing in its job of providing adequate streets, sidewalks, lighting and a host of other city services to struggling neighborhoods? Proponents continued to make false claims about studies proving pre-K education improves educational attainment. The studies in actuality say nothing of the sort.

The biggest new disclosure made during the public testimony came from the mayor's education profiteer tool, Jason Kloth, who confirmed the children targeted by the program will include illegal aliens. The unelected, nongovernmental United Way of Central Indiana will get to direct the awarding of pre-K education scholarships. This could be a double sucker punch to the African-American community, which will be the group hardest hit by a move by the state legislature to eliminate state common construction wage requirements on publicly-financed construction projects in a further effort to depress wages paid to workers in the building trades. The construction companies pushing this legislation overtly discriminate against African-Americans and even white workers for that matter in hiring the growing illegal alien population.

Clinton's Portrait Artist Showed Shadowy Sleight Of Hand

A former neighbor of mine who was an art teacher at Herron School of Art and accomplished artist in his own right once showed me a number of his paintings and explained to me hidden meanings he had in each of them. As he explained to me, this is not an uncommon thing for artists to do. The artist who painted President Bill Clinton's official portrait is no exception.

Nelson Shanks revealed that a shadow cast on the fireplace was that of a mannequin adorned with a blue dress as a reminder of President Clinton's shameful extramarital affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Shanks told the Philadelphia Daily News that painting Clinton was his hardest assignment because "he is the most famous liar of all time." He added the nod to the Lewinky scandal to the painting because of the shadow it cast over his presidency.
If you look at the left-hand side of it there’s a mantle in the Oval Office and I put a shadow coming into the painting and it does two things. It actually literally represents a shadow from a blue dress that I had on a mannequin, that I had there while I was painting it, but not when he was there. It is also a bit of a metaphor in that it represents a shadow on the office he held, or on him.
Shanks told the Daily News the Clintons were aware of the shadow's meaning and hate the portrait for that reason. He said they demanded it be taken down from display at the National Portrait Gallery. The portrait was taken down about three years ago, although not because the Clintons requested it be taken down according to officials at the gallery. I wonder if Shanks' depiction of Clinton making a downward pointing V-sign with palm inward isn't a reference to being sexually violated by a horned pagan god

Three Of Four Hoosier Billionaires Are State's Largest Welfare Recipients

UPDATED: The same familiar Hoosier names made Forbes list of wealthiest Americans. Bloomington's Carl Cook of Cook Group, Inc. ranks as the 72nd wealthiest American and the world's 216th wealthiest person. Cook got his $6.5 billion in estimated net worth the old fashion way. He inherited it from his late father, William Cook, who died in 2011. To our knowledge, the Cook family has no known history of demanding large public handouts from Indiana or local taxpayers. [An observant reader points out Cook's ownership interest in the French Lick Casino, whose lobbyists are currently asking state lawmakers to approve changes that would save the casino about $4.25 million annually in wagering taxes and exempt the casino from the admissions tax, which would cost local governments in the area about $3.25 million annually.]

The same can't be said for the other other three Hoosiers who made the list. They are the largest welfare recipients in the state of Indiana bar none. Herb Simon's estimated net worth grew nearly 50% to $2.9 billion thanks in large part to the increased value of his Indiana Pacers NBA team. Indianapolis taxpayers have been forced to publicly-subsidize Simon's NBA franchise to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars under threats by the greedy billionaire that he would take his team and move it to another city if officials didn't cough up the money he demanded.

Hotel and billboard magnate Dean White of Crown Point saw his net worth grow nearly a half billion dollars to $2.5 billion. Indianapolis taxpayers were forced to subsidize his J.W. Marriott luxury hotel in downtown Indianapolis to the tune of about $60 million. White's hotel company has sought lucrative public incentives for similar hotel projects elsewhere, including Chicago.

Finally, Jimmy "The Pill Popper" Irsay came in at $1.8 billion with little change over his previous year's estimated net worth. Taxpayers in Indianapolis built the Hoosier Dome at a cost of more than $60 million to allow Irsay's father rent-free use of the domed stadium for his NFL team. A little more than two decades later after Irsay inherited the Indianapolis Colts from his father's estate, he demanded a new stadium or else he would take it elsewhere. He got use of a nearly $750 million new stadium built to his personal specifications rent-free, and taxpayers are picking up 100% of the tens of millions of dollars in the annual costs of maintaining the stadium from which only Irsay derives any income. The former Hoosier Dome was imploded to make room for an expanded convention center even though a substantial part of the original debt owed on it remained unpaid.

The United States is no better than Russia where the government is operated for the exclusive benefit of wealthy oligarchs. The masses are nothing but mere slaves to the 1%, billionaire class of elitists who own virtually every elected public official who exercises any significant control over government tax dollars. Until the people rise up and revolt, the growing wealth disparity between the haves and have nots will only continue to grow at its rapid pace, along with the accompanying social injustice wrought by extreme income inequality.

Pence Signs Off On Political Crony Redevelopment Of GM Stamping Plant Acreage For New White River Music Venue

Gov. Mike Pence proves once again that he's nothing but a tool of the corrupt political cronies with whom he's surrounded his administration. The IBJ has the latest on a Pence-approved plan to have the state acquire 35 acres on the former GM Stamping Plant site for development of a new outdoor music venue that would replace the existing White River State Park-owned, outdoor music venue on the opposite side of the river. Steve Goldsmith's old crony, Mike Wells of REI Investments, is making the scene to flip the property for a huge profit.

According to the IBJ, REI has the 35 acres under contract for purchase for $2.8 million, or about $80,000 an acre. "Wells also expects to earn a profit, which he said could be a 3 percent to 5 percent development fee," the IBJ reported. Wells plans to partner with concert promoter Dave Lucas to develop a 15,000-seat outdoor amphitheater "that would rival Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville." Wells' REI also controls the land that is proposed to be used for the new Marion Co. Criminal Justice Center. One can only imagine who all has been cut in on the profit REI will make when it flips the land to WMB Partners Heartland Justice, LLC for development of the new criminal justice center. The article claims Wells will sell the land to the city at cost, which doesn't hardly pass the smell of marijuana that will be emanating from the new music venue.

State Sen. Jim Merritt, the advocate behind the ROC deal that screwed over Indianapolis taxpayers so badly, reappears to push this deal. "I think the bottom line is, if the terms are correct and they get it done, we're growing to grow the park, which is a very good move," said Sen. Jim Merritt. So the state wants to grow White River Park with an outdoor music venue that will provide a key downtown drug distribution network just like Klipsch Music Center started originally by Lucas provided to the Noblesville community where it sits? Local police in Noblesville are kept busy at the venue writing tickets all summer long for illegal consumption by minors, public intoxication and drug possession. "One of the biggest mistakes we made was letting that go out to Noblesville," Wells said. Glad they're thinking long-term. He told the IBJ that White River Park plans to cut programming of its lawn venue on the opposite side of the river because it "is not a big money-maker for the park." Public parks exist to make money? Translated, it ain't making any money for him and his political crony friends so it needs replaced by another one that will make them millions at the public's expense.

The IBJ story notes that if the state didn't acquire the land, he and his music venue promoting pals would have had to deal with those pesky zoning regulations and the expected opposition from the surrounding neighborhood, which will be adversely affected by the crowded traffic caused by concert-goers. "As a state entity, it's not subject to local zoning, said Rep. Justin Moed, D-Indianapolis, whose district covers the GM site and most of the downtown," the IBJ reports. "Moed, who by virtue of his position is a non-voting member of the park commission, said he's expressed his hope that the state will conduct a transparent planning process for the GM site." Yeah, right. That's why he signed on as a co-sponsor of the Indy Eleven soccer stadium legislation that includes language that creates a new state-like TIF to capture state revenues generated from within this region for use by these self-serving political insiders. His constituents in the near westside neighborhood will not only get inmates from the new county jail released into their neighborhood, they will get all of the negatives associated with abutting an outdoor concert venue. It didn't take him long to sell out his constituents to help line the pockets of the downtown mafia.

LA Cop Shoots And Kills Unarmed Homeless Man As Crowd Looks On And Records

There is a very disturbing NSFW video of a police-action shooting in Los Angeles where one police officer is captured on video shooting an unarmed homeless man at least four times, killing him. The man is clearly resisting the arrest, but there are about a half dozen police officers present for the arrest. The officers have the man penned down on the ground when the shooting occurs. It's unclear why the officers didn't use a taser instead of a firearm to subdue him. The victim is black, and some of the bystanders are blaming a black police officer for the shooting, although it's not clear which officer's gun fired the shots as other white officers present appear to have their guns drawn as well. You will see in the video people calling out the officer who shot him later in the video.